we're Amanda and Morgan.

Amanda: I’m originally from outside Philadelphia, but moved to Phoenix, AZ for 2 years to start my career at Teach for America before moving to California. I’m a recruiter at Airbnb which is a perfect job for me. It combines my passion for connecting with people with my love of traveling. I’m obsessed with fashion, food, and photography. I live in Los Angeles with my fiancé, Daniel (yes, Morgan and I both have partners named Daniel) and our adorable pup, Maximilian. My favorite part of traveling is immersing myself in another culture and learning about the way other people live. When I’m not traveling, you can find me binge-ing a new show on Netflix, running around a park with Max or trying a new restaurant with Daniel.

Welcome to Two Blue Passports, a website designed to share creative and practical travel experiences between friends living across the world. We're two young American women who love traveling, dessert, and music. We've found through years of planning trips that tips from friends always turn out to be the best travel advice. We're here to help you choose your own adventure and spark the travel bug within. Grab your passport and let's go.

Morgan: I’m originally from New Jersey, but spent the last 5 years in California both in Santa Barbara and San Francisco. I left my job as a Planner at Gap to move to Dublin for a year with my husband. I am an equal lover of Brussels sprouts, tough workouts, and chocolate. I currently spend my days exploring Dublin, planning epic European weekend getaways, and eating the best pastries all over Europe. My favorite part of traveling is putting on a great pair of sneakers and walking over 30,000 steps a day. I think it’s the best way to find hidden gems and really take in a city. When I’m not traveling, you can find me at Avoca drinking an almond milk mocha and eating the best wild berry scone you’ve ever had.