A Thank You and Happy New Year from TBP

Boca do Inferno. Cascais, Portugal (June, 2016)

Boca do Inferno. Cascais, Portugal (June, 2016)

As our last post of the year, we’re reflecting on all things 2016. There were ups and downs, but it’s time to look back and remember those moments that got us to this point with smiles on our faces.

From our Portugal adventures and the start of Two Blue Passports, to that final countdown in just a few days, we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with open arms and just a few purchased plane tickets for our upcoming travels.

Two Blue Passports was started with the intent of keeping two friends in touch across the world. With Morgan taking off to Dublin and Amanda staying behind in San Francisco, we wanted to create something that was ours. Two Blue Passports has achieved this goal, and so much more. The original idea expanded to sharing our best travel experiences as well as our favorite tips and tricks. We’ve found through our years of planning trips that tips from friends always turn out to be the best travel advice. Travel is our passion and we love sharing it with you. Whether it’s exploring a new city or trying a new food, there's always something different to see, smell, hear, or taste.

Thank you to everyone that has followed us throughout this journey thus far. We’re excited to continue sharing creative and practical travel experiences and inspire you to see the world.

Check out our 2016 Postcards from Amanda and Morgan. To 2017 we say: grab your passport and go!

xx A+M